10 things for Windows in form

10 things for a Windows form: registry cleaner, disk cleaning, removing spyware, defrag hard disk, uninstall unnecessary programs, proper configuration of the system tools in Windows with Glary Utilities regular optimization, installation of antivirus protection.

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1. Registry Cleanup
If you have used Windows for a while, it is likely that the Windows registry (the database for all system settings) is loaded with information that is no longer valid. Windows will move a little faster if you get rid of this useless information. To clean registry safely recommend the free utility CCleaner.
2. Clean Disk
All utility CCleaner is what I recommend to delete temporary files left on disk after browsing the Internet or installing programs. In fact I recommend using this tool along with cleaning function of Windows.
3. Spyware Removal
In Windows Vista, like Windows 7, Windows Defender utility is included that has precisely this role. In my experience, Windows Defender is totally useless, because the only thing I “bothered” ever was that I announce that took updates from Microsoft. Otherwise, nothing. So you must install an antispyware program. Personally I recommend Avast Antivirus, which is a perfect solution, because in addition Antivirus has this functionality.
4. Defragmenting the hard drive
The more save more files on the hard disk, the more fragmentation. That files are written in several pieces instead of one, which brings a decrease in the speed of accessing information. The same happens with the system files or installed programs. It is clear that a good ordering of files on the disk will bring an increase computer speed. My recommendation is JkDefrag, a utility that is useful to run it once a month. Just released and defragment all partitions / drives.
5. Uninstall unnecessary programs
Whether it is a new system that has a lot of programs pre-installed demo producers hoping that you will purchase a license, be it about programs that you have installed for testing and you left your computer with as few programs you have installed, the computer will behave better. For detoxification computer software preinstalled recommend PC Decrapifier, and for uninstalling programs RevoUninstaller.
6. Configure the system according to your requirements
Ultimate Windows Tweaker  is a powerful tool with lots of options that allow additional disabling Windows functionality and fine tuning of the functional parameters of the system.
7. Use the tools included in Windows
Many programs in the Utilities category do nothing than to sell something that already exists in the operating system. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, Control Panel offers many possibilities for system configuration. Access Control and Security PanelSystem (Windows 7) or Control PanelSystem and Maintenance (Windows Vista) and leisurely exploring every option out there.
8. Permanent update system
The best way to keep in shape Vista and Windows 7 is installing update packages offered by Microsoft through Microsoft Update.
9. Optimizes the system in a single session to gain time
Use Glary Utilities (free collection of utilities) to make quick optimization. This program does all the work when configured with a single click. Remain defragment and scan for viruses.
10. Install an antivirus but leave enabled and Windows Defender and Windows Firewall
The protection afforded by this combination is sufficient for most systems. To recommend Avast Free antivirus.