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Update to Windows 10 is not mandatory

Update to Windows 10 is not mandatory …

We know the problems related to Windows 10 and we know about desperation of those from  Microsoft to reach 1 billion deployments in the shortest time possible. But they insist that the transition to Windows 10 is not mandatory, although complaints on this subject are not finished.

We talked about various techniques that Microsoft will force practice to switch to Windows 10. Whether they put advertisements on the neck directly from updates or they spam the notifications with how good is Windows 10 and why you deserve to adopt it, or even install it forced.

At least they happened to some users. They woked up overnight with Windows 10 installed through a simple update...

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Tile’s from Windows 10 will receive an update

Live Tile’s from Windows 10 are quite interesting at first glance, but they don`t help that much. To remedy this problem, the next update for Windows 10 will introduce some changes project management alternatives.


Live Tile’s have appeared with Windows 8 and they offer some information about an application without the need to run. But to become more useful, the new update allows you to do multiple commands. For example, you can scroll directly from the Live Tile, wihout open the mail. Or you can access the computer without open the application. Direct from Live Tile.

You can see a demonstration in the video attached below:

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