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Are you using the Safely Remove USB option when you remove a stick from the computer? Here’s what you need to know

It is impossible not to be ‘hit’ at least once by an expert who has advised you to use “safely remove USB” option from the computer. The new Windows has just permanently closed this subject. With the new operating system Windows 10, Microsoft has completely eliminated the option “safely remove USB”, introducing instead a new function or feature, called “quick removal”. Through this function, you will be able to remove an USB from the computer without risking all the content to be affected in any way.

According to Microsoft, technically speaking, there was not this kind of risk since Windows 7, in which many features of protection were implemented. One thing is clear now...

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Windows 10 passwords will not expire anymore

Windows 10 will no longer force companies and their employees to change their passwords at regular time intervals, informs. Microsoft has announced that the first major update for Windows 10 from this year will eliminate the obligatoriness of companies’ PC access password changing at exact time intervals. The elimination of the expiration mechanism of password is justified by the fact that this is an outdated security measure, based from the beginning on a wrong principle.

In fact, a password that is suspected to be compromised, should be changed immediately, not when it reaches the arbitrary deadline of 30 days since it’s creation...

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