Bill Gates still regrets the Ctrl + Alt + Del combination and founds another explanation for it

Most PC users used Ctrl + Alt + Delete combination at some point, but Bill Gates is convinced that the feature could have been easier. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and the one who founded Windows operating system. He has defined the most representative interface elements that are still in use in Microsoft operating systems and he also founded the company. As in other domain, no matter how much you have enjoyed success, you always remain with a series of disappointments.

In an interview published by Bloomberg, the former Microsoft CEO mentioned again the Ctrl + Alt + Delete combination. “The IBM PC hardware keyboard had only one way through which you could have generate an interruption. Obviously, the people involved should have introduced another key to ease the work”, he explained. This point of view comes in line with the one in 2013, when Bill Gates categorized the combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete as a mistake. In his mind, the solution to call for the manager of activities should be in the form of a single key, but the one who designed the IBM keyboard did not want to give them a single button.

The creator is David Bradley, an IBM engineer, who came up with Ctrl + Alt + Delete to launch Task Manager or to block the access to the PC. In 2011, he said that, although he invented the functionality, Bill Gates made it popular when he used it in Windows NT.

“Initially, it was thought as an Easter egg (surprise), something we used in development stages and would not have been available anywhere else. But [software creators] found out about it. They were trying to have a system through which you can launch a program and they found the answer. You put the diskette, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and, by magic, the program started”, he explained.

The Ctrl + Alt + Del combination was present in Windows since the first version of the operating system, but it also worked in MS-DOS. The major difference is that, if an operating system is not fully loaded, in the DOS, BIOS, or during the boot process, the combination restarts the computer instantly.
In all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Ctrl + Alt + Del opens your Task Manager and helps you close a locked program.

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