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Windows 10 will connect more easily to Bluetooth devices

Windows 10 is a very good  operating system, but will soon become more friendly with Bluetooth devices users.

Windows 10 could be the latest major operating system released by Microsoft because all the functionality changes will be integrated in SO through updates. In the past few years since the release of the commercial of Windows 10 version, several major updates were released, similar to the service packs we were seeing in Windows XP or Windows 7. These have had suggestive names like Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, Aniversary Update and more.

The next major update that Microsoft is working on, will include a number of more or less obvious improvements. Among them, there is a much more efficient, almost automatic, pairing system with Bluetooth connectivity gadgets...

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If you have a Windows phone, you can take goodbye from Uber

Uber is the most important ride-sharing service across the globe, but it does not seem to work on Windows phones anymore.

The destiny of smartphones that are using a Microsoft platform seems to be sealed. It tends to be impossible to recommend such a device, no matter how inexpensive or skillful it is to capture the photo. As more and more important apps no longer work on that operating system, you’re more fine if you have an Android.

This time, Uber has come up with bad news for Windows phone lovers. This information became public about four years after the first release of Uber for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 was released. From 2014 until now, Uber has become an actual service in various corners of the world, but the same thing can not be said about the Windows mobile phone platform.


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Microsoft will launch 5 new Windows 10 editions

Microsoft prepares major changes tagging the Windows 10 version, but also increasing the number of Windows versions available to users.

Thus, the Windows 10 Home family will be diversified with no less than 5 editions, each with different hardware requirements and addressed to specific categories of devices:• Windows 10 Entry: 25 dollars• Windows 10 Value:  45 dollars• Windows 10 Core: 65.45 dollars• Windows 10 Core +: 86.66 dollars• Windows 10 Advanced:  101 dollarsIt’s unclear how these will be different from the standard edition of Windows 10, but Microsoft’s prepared changes seem to benefit the devices with limited processing resources (tablets and low-cost laptops), while leaving enough flexibility to exploit PCs last generation to the full potential.

Simultaneously, Mi...

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