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Windows 10 has now surpassed the XP. What is, however, the most widely used operating system from Microsoft?


Windows 10 is now approaching  to 12% of the market, according to

Windows 10 has just managed to overtake Windows 8.1 and XP at market share. NetMarketShare analysts say the most new version of the operating system from Microsoft has reached 11,85% while XP has  11.42, and Windows 8.1 comes with 10.40%.

The most widely used remains, though, Windows 7, installed on more than half of the computers in the world, with a 52.47% share in January.

An interesting thing is that Windows 98 is still installed on 0.01% of computers, although nearly two decades have passed since its launch.

The figures may look like Mac OS X 10.10 and  10.11 climbed slightly from 5.77% market share in January towards 5.22% in December.

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Update to Windows 10 is not mandatory

Update to Windows 10 is not mandatory …

We know the problems related to Windows 10 and we know about desperation of those from  Microsoft to reach 1 billion deployments in the shortest time possible. But they insist that the transition to Windows 10 is not mandatory, although complaints on this subject are not finished.

We talked about various techniques that Microsoft will force practice to switch to Windows 10. Whether they put advertisements on the neck directly from updates or they spam the notifications with how good is Windows 10 and why you deserve to adopt it, or even install it forced.

At least they happened to some users. They woked up overnight with Windows 10 installed through a simple update...

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