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Some advices for effective use of the Windows taskbar

   In Windows, the taskbar is an underrated tool but if is used correctly, it can have a positive impact on productivity. You can quickly switch fixed applications to the taskbar, you can navigate multiple instances of an application, you can open a file with a specific application and the list goes on.

  It set applications and programs to the taskbar

One of the most effective ways to increase your productivity and quickly access favorite applications is to fix them to the taskbar.

Rearrange shortcuts on the taskbar

Windows allows you to control the manner and the order in which shortcuts are displayed, set to the taskbar. You can easily change their order and they can be alphabetically arranged in order of their importance, or you can simply mix them whenever you want...

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What is USB or the Universal Serial Bus?

  Everyone has connected at least once two devices through the USB interface. Whether we talk about flash memory sticks or other peripherals such as printer, many devices use the standard connector USB.

What does USB means?

USB is an acronym for the Universal Serial Bus that defines the cables, the connectors and the protocols used in the communication between devices. It was designed in 1996 by a group of seven companies including Microsoft, Compaq, IMB, Intel, DEC, NEC and Nortel. Their aim was to standardize the connectivity between peripheral devices such as printer, mice, keyboards and computers.

These companies have searched to replace the multitude of connectors, to eliminate the problems that interfaces at that time had and to simplify the software configuration of all devices tha...

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Hotkeys or shortcuts in Windows 7 for more speed work

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will present the most important key combinations (shortcuts) that will allow you to make the job faster in windows7, accessing the context menu (right click menu) is an activity that consumes precious time, using combinations of keys (shortcuts) we greatly simplify routine by computer, in general it is good to know at least a common key combinations like Ctrl + c for copy, ctrl + shift + n to create a new folder, etc..
You will see how easy you will feel it afterwards.
Below are commonly used key combinations in Windows 7, according to your requests we will achieve tutorials and shortcuts in: Windows Explorer (My Computer), browser (firefox, opera, chrome, IE) or desktop applications like Word, Power Point, Photoshop, Gimp, etc..

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