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How to disable automatic driver installation in Windows Vista and 7

Hi friends, today’s tutorial will learn together how we can disable the automatic installation of drivers in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Why would we want this? To better understand the situation a little to elaborate that I hit it. Having a Bluetooth USB stick and having drivers for Windows 7, I want to install drivers for Windows Vista CD that came the stick Bletooth . Said and done . I go in , install the drivers from the installation CD , make system restart so I asked for and what to see ? After I returned from restart, the esteemed Windows 7 has put tail gave me warning as he found a new device and started to search automatically drivers for my Bluetooth stick and then installed them automatically without asking me any confirmation . So my Windows Vista driver installation was shown unnecessary . So was born the idea of creating this tutorial. We know that Windows Vista and Windows 7 have the ability to search and automatically install drivers for new devices that we introduce in our PC , but this is two -edged if I may say so .

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How to install Windows 7 without hidden partition 100 MB

Hi friends, today’s tutorial you’ll learn how to install Windows 7 without it create 100MB partition. As you know, when installing Windows 7, it will create a 100MB partition besides the C partition regular. 100MB hidden partition is practical and will not appear in My Computer but if we right click on Computer icon and we choose Manage from the context menu function in Disk Management, you see that besides the usual partitions C, D etc, it is an 100MB partition.

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How do I find out what version of Windows is on the computer?

Many times you need to find out what version of Windows is installed on your computer. There are a lot of possibilities to show the current version, but I stopped to the most simple, in my opinion, easy to apply in Windows XP, Vista or 7.

What`s to do?

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