Facial recognition in Windows 10 can distinguish even identical twins

Hello Windows allows instant access from any device with Windows 10 through biometric recognition.

If you ever thought that you could have an identical twin, but malicious, just like in science fiction category B movie, you can rest easy. He will not be able to access your confidential data if you use Windows 10.

One of the functions of Microsoft’s new operating system, called Hello, it’s almost impossible to fool. The service replaces the password that you can log on one device, or even the PIN now implemented by Microsoft.

Hello Windows “sees” much better than people and it is able to differentiate even identical twins, if it use a camera powerful enough. Those from The Australian tested the new feature on several pairs of identical twins. They all used a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 laptops with Windows 10 equipped with 3D cameras RealSense.

In each case, Windows Hello successfully managed to make the difference between twins, even in low light conditions. Of course, the technology is still far from what we see today in SF. In some cases, even the owners of those accounts had few problems inlogin. Still though, Hello did not allow any other person unauthorized access to other data, despite the fact that the twins were dressed the same and have adopted the same hairstyle or body posture.

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