Firefox Quantum could be the fastest internet browser

Mozilla has been working for a while on a new Internet browser, and the first tests show us that Firefox Quantum might be the fastest on the market.

For a few years, the internet browsers market has been dominated by Google Chrome. The Mountain View giant browser does a great job in a large variety of scenarios and it is compatible with a big busy extensions library. That does not mean, however, that it is perfect. It easily consumes significant amounts of RAM memory. It scatters your laptop battery if you have many opened tabs and you have a lot of chances to be frustrated over the last week.

The alternative could come from Mozilla and it is called Firefox Quantum. Initially, Project Quantum was announced at the end of the last year as an Internet browser completely different by Firefox but created under the same Open Source umbrella. The final result of these efforts is called Firefox Quantum and it seems to be very close to an official release.

In addition to many others interface and functionality details, Firefox Quantum has great chances to be a success thanks to the speed. In tests, it is twice as fast as Firefox 52 released about a year ago. To achieve this level of performance, a CSS processing engine developed in-house with the Rust language was used. Its big advantage is that it uses all the cores of the latest generation multi-core processors.

Firefox Quantum comes packaged with a minimal interface, but can be replaced from the menu with a standard one, similar to Firefox interface. Already available in beta for Linux, macOS, Windows, Android and iOS, Quantum will be available in final version starting with 14 November.

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