How many Windows 10 versions will appear and when you can download them

Windows 10 is likely to be Microsoft’s latest operating system, but it will often have important security and functionality updates. In the past, operating systems like Windows XP or Windows 7, before they lose market relevance, they had one or more service packs. These update packages, among others, have been very helpful in facilitating the upgrade system.

Practically, instead of installing 100 little security updates that included, among other things some new functions, you can resolve the case with a service pack. As expected, the installation was not one of the fastest, but solved the problem.

In Windows 10, the service pack concept was replaced with major updates coming with the package with a suggestive name.  Last year, we had Anniversary Update, and about a week ago Windows 10 Creators Update was released.  Although references to functions that will be presented in a future update have already started to be found on Internet, no one knew exactly when it will be launched in a final form.

After Windows 10 Creators Update, from now on, new versions on Windows will be launched in September and March each year. Each important update package is considered a new version of Windows 10 and will be supported for 18 months. Having into account these temporal points is more obvious than ever that the giant Redmond considers Windows 10 a service and his last major SO.

At the moment, we do not know the official name of the next major version of Windows 1. We only know that in the beta phase, it’s called Redstone 3 and that it will include an intelligent system to reduce impact on the autonomy of applications running in the background. Some esthetic changes will also be included at the time.


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