How to automatize space release in Windows 10 through Storage Sense

One of the features introduced in Windows 10 with the launch of Creators Update is entitled Storage Sense and facilitates the release of storage.

Forever, there was a Windows system in which you can win a little bit of storage if you were left without. For example, if you enter once a week or a month in Disk Cleanup, you’re likely to gain a significant amount of free space from deleting temporary files generated by most installed programs. The same tool allows you to clear the cache of your native Windows browser. The installation kits for all recent updates can also be removed by Disk Cleanup.


But there is a problem. Disk Cleanup is not automatic and you are not notified that you should only run it in a desperate situation. When you have just a few MB of space on your HDD, you may be invited to start the small utility, provided you do not permanently disable that notification. With Windows 10 Creators Update, besides Disk Cleanup, you can also gain storage space with Storage Sense.


If you want to be sure that you have a small soldier who deals with the regular release of space, you need Storage Sense. This utility can be accessed from Settings, under System – Storage. The first step involves activating that option using the On / Off button below it. Then go to Change how we free up space. On the new menu page, check both options available. The first is to delete temporary files regularly, and the second involves removing from Trash files that are there for more than 30 days. Optionally, you can click on Clean now to form an opinion about the amount of space you will get in the future from this process.

In other news, applications such as CCleaner and Disk Cleanup are doing a great job in cleaning up the useless file system. Storage Sense does a lot of work without pressing any button.

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