How to install Windows 7 without hidden partition 100 MB

Hi friends, today’s tutorial you’ll learn how to install Windows 7 without it create 100MB partition. As you know, when installing Windows 7, it will create a 100MB partition besides the C partition regular. 100MB hidden partition is practical and will not appear in My Computer but if we right click on Computer icon and we choose Manage from the context menu function in Disk Management, you see that besides the usual partitions C, D etc, it is an 100MB partition.

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In this partition are kept virtually files system boot files with which Windows 7 boot when powered up. If you delete the partition of 100MB a surprise to you that your operating system will not boot. If Windows XP and Vista puts the boot files in the C partition, Windows 7 seems to be more stubborn and they create a separate partition to boot. For me, this procedure chosen by the people at Microsoft seem less aggressive and can say that restricts the user’s freedom than even the purpose of this partition is much easier to access frequently used files. This partition is used and where we BitLocker to encrypt the partition C. Users don’t have experience in this area will not know how to get rid of the 100MB partition, partition that will prove you the user to install Windows XP or Windows Vista. About installing Windows XP or Windows Vista installation and optimization we already tutorials.

Yet, even with all Microsoft policies “decisions” to make Windows 7 users remain forever, we still found a way to get rid of the 100MB partition to install any operating system we either Windows or Linux, because it’s our computer and we have the right and power to decide to chose which OS we want.

What is the advantage of removing this partition ?

Well, we can create a backup easier we were forced to do backup and 100MB partition , partition that will confuse a user simply create a backup using a backup software . We can install , as I said above , any OS we want . We could have multiboot being able to manage operating systems much easier and we can even edit the file to set the boot order and the system we want to be first in the list of boot, boot files are in partition C now can be easily accessed and modified.

That being said please watch the video tutorial . Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write to the comments box , de- also met the comments box if a user has a problem and you can help it , do not hesitate to make only way we can do this place better, we see the comments box !


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