How to make windows 7 more faster!

Hi friends, in this tutorial you will find some very useful tips for improving working speed on Windows 7, as we know Windows 7 has enough visual effects , they may aggravate rather than a computer or a computer less good with little RAM , also the background in windows 7 runs many functions and services that we can dispense very easy , of course without jeopardizing in any way the correct functioning of the operating system Windows 7.
You should know from the beginning that does not have to make all the changes you ‘ve made me the tutorial, you can just select what suits you , you can keep if you can break Aero effects, you can keep UAC System Restore or not Just choose the right settings for you.

After setting the tutorial we will not have Aero on Windows 7 Aero Snap and no , we will not have System Restore UAC , Indexing Service , Windows Search Service , Media Center , etc. , who can live without bling – bling will get sites a much faster computer , the graphics are just eye candy , as we realize , with time most of us do not even sense the presence of these effects , we are excited for the first day and then we get used and not ” tickle ” nothing eye best ms project alternative.
These settings are very useful and gamers , they need every bit of performance for games running fluency as a higher framerate anyway while running a game we do not see any effect on your desktop is just full game screen ( full screen ) . Why some services are running in the background or functions that do not use them ?
If you like this tutorial , if you value performance that you get from these changes , you can write in the comments box and we’ll go on , we’ll make a tutorial with all the services in windows 7 that can be disabled without putting threatening the proper functioning of the operating system will start a race for getting the fastest Windows 7.
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write to the comments box , de- also met the comments box if a user has a problem and you can help it , do not hesitate to make only way we can do this place better, we see the comments box !

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