Microsoft has created a Windows 10 version specifically for the Chinese Government

Starting from the idea that monitoring functions present in the standard version of Windows shipped in 10 world could present a security risk, the authorities in China have asked for and obtained from the Microsoft a Windows 10 version  adapted to their own requirements.

Of course, nobody is saying exactly the requests of the Chinese Government, notorious for very aggressive practices of censorship and monitoring of everything that moves in the online environment. Officially, the new Windows 10 version, named Zhuangongban, is an edition with fewer services and applications included, optimized with the software for the management and control of security.

According to Ralph Haupter, CEO of China Microsoft, Windows 10 edition was created in collaboration with the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), a private entity controlled by State and subscribed to the contracts with military applications.

Coming in a time when the U.S. Government accuses the use of sponsored hackers groups in attacks, the cooperation between the giant Microsoft and the Chinese Government seems a strange move, but at least from the perspective of Microsoft the new Windows version, approved by authorities, could increase the company’s market share in the Chinese market, notorious for widespread software piracy.

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