Microsoft has launched his first portable batteries with USB

In a market where there are a lot of portable batteries with USB for gadgets, it is hard to understand why Microsoft has launched a few of these gadegets.

Simpy and efficiently called Dual Chargers, these little gadgets are not necesarily revolutionary, but they are hiding in a compact package and they are available in 3 different forms.

According to the budget and everyone’s taste, you will soon be able to buy one of the 3 batteries very similar looking. The first will have on the inside a batterie of 5200 mAh, the second one 9000mAh, and the third 12000 mAh. For portability, the smallest of the three is the best.

portable batteries with USBAt 5200 mAh, you can fully charge without any break two iPhone’s. The other two are a little big in size, but they will also have 2 USB ports to charge at the same time 2 gadgets.

Practicly, the Microsoft Dual Charge of 5200 mAh was created to fit in a jacket pocket, while the 12000 mAh charger fits more in a back-pack.

Although it’s very hard to test this maketing statement, Microsoft claims that on the inside their new chargers are using ultra compact revolutionary batteries. The major advantage should reveal itself in a very long period of standby without any consequence. Aparently, even after months of not being used, the betteries should be a 80% capacity.

Following the order and the capacities of the batteries, the prices of the new Microsoft Dual Charger world wide are of 35, 45 and 55 dolars.

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