Microsoft has presented his new operating system- Windows 10

Microsoft has presented Windows 10, a new operating system. This is the first universal operating platform of the company, which will be present on computers, video consoles, wired systems, smartphones and tablets. This means that, for example, the apps developed for the desktop version will run automatically, with no optimization and adaptation, on the phone and tablet.

Through Windows 10, Microsoft gives up the brand Windows Phone which is used for smartphones. As expected, the mobile version of Windows 10 will not have the desktop interface. The new operating system will be installed on all systems that currently run with Windows 7 and 8. The minimum requirements necessary for Windows 10 will be the same as for Windows 7.

The desktop version of Windows 10 combines the familiar interface of Windows 7 with elements of Windows 8. For example, the start menu, which returns, will include classical elements, like the shortcuts on the left and the search function, but also live tile-uri ( interactive sections that display information in real time ). The lack of the start menu was the main element for which Windows 8 has received a lot of critics. The universal apps no longer run exclusively on full screen,like on Windows 8, but in windows, and their dimension can be modified. On the taskbar will be a new button, Task view. When pressed, this one shows on screen all the open apps and gives quick acces to each and everyone of them. More than that, for advanced users it has been introduced in Command Prompt the possibility of attaching text with the key combination CTRL+V.

Windows 10 will be available, in the final version, at the middle of 2015. Windows 10 will be able to make a difference between the personal data and the professional one, which will allow the companies to erase the information needed without affecting the rest. According to this, Microsoft has evolved from Windows 8 to Windows 10 to show that it is a major breakthrough.

Windows 10 has been conceived to automatically adapt to the machine it is been used on, wheter it is a video game console Xbox, a personal computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

Windows is the most popular operating system on the desktop section , being used by 1,5 billion people world wide. For more information about Windows 10 for your bussines go here :click

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