Microsoft is trying to attract web application developers to the Windows Store

Microsoft Store is a Microsoft bet that has not yet enjoyed the desired success. While on the gaming side, the company has begun to gain some ground by providing access to specific games on both the PC and the Xbox by buying a single copy, speaking about application the developers don’t want to invest resources in the development of dedicated software. Microsoft is now trying to populate the store with Progressive Web Apps, which are much easier to develop and can be easily ported from other platforms.

In practice, PWA applications will run like a site, and porting them from other platforms or directly from the browser will be very simple. But they will run as native applications and they can be installed directly from the Store, with their own sandbox and without the need to open a separate browser. A clear advantage over common applications is that everything runs directly from developer servers, and they can offer and test new releases without launching an application update.

Web applications will get on Windows 10 very soon, and Microsoft is already preparing a major update that will include this capability, perhaps alongside other features such as a timeline and other interface enhancements.

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