OnePlus 6T runs Windows 10

One of the members of NTauthority community – Bas Timmer – succeeded, after many attempts, to install Windows 10 on an OnePlus 6T phone.  Moreover, this is completely functional!!! The developer used a version at which Microsoft worked with Qualcomm for the laptops that have ARM chipsets under the hood, but it can be used also on mobile phones, as we can see. He was able to use Google Chrome and even to play a game – Modern Combat 2 – after he connected a keyboard to the phone.

Having into account that, in this moment, we only have Android and iOS on the market, the option to install, event unofficially, a third system seems pretty tempting. And Microsoft declared, in the moment they closed Windows Mobile, that they have into account the option of offering in the future an operating system that can run on any type of gadget.