10 things for Windows in form

10 things for a Windows form: registry cleaner, disk cleaning, removing spyware, defrag hard disk, uninstall unnecessary programs, proper configuration of the system tools in Windows with Glary Utilities regular optimization, installation of antivirus protection.

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How do I display several tiles on screen Windows 8.1

The device’s high-resolution running Windows 8.1 allow increasing the number of tiles displayed by increasing density, leading, for example, if RT Surface to display an additional row of tiles on the Start screen. The setting is present by displaying the Settings Charm.

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Two simple methods to determine the date of installation Windows

Sometimes it is necessary to know the date of installation of the operating system, and this information can be determined quite easily using the two methods in this article like it.

The first method – using PowerShell (Windows 7, Windows 8.x)

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