Windows 10 might get a new Start menu

As you may probably know, at this moment, Windows 10’s Start Menu allows the so called “live tiles”. That is small icons, pictures or widgets, as you want to call them, that are changing their appearance dynamically depending on the backend data flow.

Well, it might be that Microsoft will give up these types of icons that remained as legacy since Windows 10 Mobile existed, and where they made more sense because they were used both as an access method and to display a minimum required data without entering in the application. I admit, I do not really use one of them, except the weather one which I set with the current location. Otherwise, all my icons from the start menu are static...

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Microsoft will give up to traditional passwords in the future of Windows 10

Since the launch of July 2015, Windows 10 has been extensively transformed through updates. The most important thing will come soon.

In an imminent Windows 10 S version, Microsoft will give up traditional passwords while trying not to compromise on the data security side. At a time when each device that we use or the site we are accessing forces you to type a password, any step towards simplifying the authentication process is welcomed. It almost doesn’t matter if it will be initially implemented in the slightly simpler version of Windows 10.

If the whole concept is alien to you, Windows 10 S was launched by Microsoft less than a year ago as a popular operating system variant for systems with a weaker hardware configuration...

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Windows 10 will connect more easily to Bluetooth devices

Windows 10 is a very good  operating system, but will soon become more friendly with Bluetooth devices users.

Windows 10 could be the latest major operating system released by Microsoft because all the functionality changes will be integrated in SO through updates. In the past few years since the release of the commercial of Windows 10 version, several major updates were released, similar to the service packs we were seeing in Windows XP or Windows 7. These have had suggestive names like Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, Aniversary Update and more.

The next major update that Microsoft is working on, will include a number of more or less obvious improvements. Among them, there is a much more efficient, almost automatic, pairing system with Bluetooth connectivity gadgets...

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