How to uninstall a universal application in Windows 10 without accessing Control Panel

Although you are tempted to believe that there is a way to uninstall a universal application using Control Panel, just like in the old days, you are so mistaken. No downloaded application from Windows Store appears in Add/Remove Programs or in Programs and Features. Those must be eliminated different if you want to do it in the right way.

The first and easiest solution involves finding the application you want to remove in Start bar. Click Start, type its name and as you can see in the capture above, you right click its name and choose Uninstall. The second solution and the one that suits you in the situation in which you want to uninstall multiple programs in a relatively short time involve accessing Settings through Start menu...

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Windows 10 receives Picture-in-Picture function

Microsoft announced a new feature for Windows 10, which will allows  watching video content in a window superimposed on the screen, completely  independent of the running applications .

Picture-in-Picture mode could be very useful to those who wish to communicate through video calls, or watch their favorite YouTube channel while using other applications in maximized mode. The new feature is already available in the latest version for Windows 10 Insider Preview for PC (build 15031).

It must be said that this is not just an innovation, Picture-in-Picture mode is already present in MacOS Sierra version for Apple’s PC...

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The reason little known that Microsoft has included Solitaire, Minesweeper and Hearts games in Windows

Solitaire games from Windows are some of the most popular in the world because it comes preinstalled in Windows. The main reason that Solitaire was included with Windows 3.0 in 1990  wasn`t the need for entertainment users. This was a secondary role. His main goal was to teach people to use the mouse fluently.

At the time many users were not accustomed to graphical interfaces and the mouse. Thus, they had to learn functions such as “drag and drop” which now seems to be reflexes.

Minesweeper too played an important role. The game was introduced in Windows 3.1 in 1992. Its main purpose was to teach people to be precise and fast when they were using the main mouse buttons and the functions left-click and right-click.

Even Hearts was not an easy game...

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