How to activate “Find My Device” for Windows 10 – locating lost or stolen device

Windows 10 provides a very useful function: the ability to locate a lost or stolen device.

The “Find My device” provided in Windows 10 can be very useful in certain situations, so we advise you to activate it.

This function is only available for Windows 10. You can activate this function only if you logged in with a microsoft  user account.


How to activate “Find My device”?

  1. Location services and GPS must be active.
  2. Access “setting app” (Windows+ i button)
  3. Select “update and settings”
  4. Go to “Find my device” and click “change”. The function must appear as “ON”.

How you locate your device (possibly lost or stolen)?

  1. Go to
  2. You log in with your Microsoft account.
  3. In the “Devices” category you’ll find all your devices that you have registered with Microsoft acc...
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How to disable the auto update of Windows 10 Store?

If you don’t want automatic updates for apps installed from Windows Store, you can disable this function.

How to turn off auto update function ?

  1. Open the Windows Store.
  2. Click on the icon with your profile and select “Settings”.
  3. Turn on or off auto update function by clicking “Update apps automatically.”


To manually update applications, go to “Store> Menu> Downloads and updates.” You can individually select the application you want to update.

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Windows 7/8 installation on UEFI BIOS laptop

Because I received some questions by email and I noticed that there are many who are experiencing this problem, I decided to do a little tutorial about it.

Attention: all data on the hard disk is lost. In case you have used before your laptop and you have information there, do your backup on external media: DVD, USB stick, external hard drive, cloud, etc.

Windows UEFI Secure disabled boot installation

This method relates to install on laptops that come from the factory with options explained below and enabled at the factory .

To create the USB stick to this method, you can use extremely easy (Next, next … 🙂 utility from Microsoft, Windows 7/8 USB / DVD download tool, which will require the ISO image of Windows 7 or 8 kit and then will format the stick in NTFS format, so carefully, all...

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