Some advices for effective use of the Windows taskbar

   In Windows, the taskbar is an underrated tool but if is used correctly, it can have a positive impact on productivity. You can quickly switch fixed applications to the taskbar, you can navigate multiple instances of an application, you can open a file with a specific application and the list goes on.

  It set applications and programs to the taskbar

One of the most effective ways to increase your productivity and quickly access favorite applications is to fix them to the taskbar.

Rearrange shortcuts on the taskbar

Windows allows you to control the manner and the order in which shortcuts are displayed, set to the taskbar. You can easily change their order and they can be alphabetically arranged in order of their importance, or you can simply mix them whenever you want. To do this, drag the application with your mouse from the current position and place it in the new position. On a touch screen device, press and hold the shortcut you want to move and place it in the desired position.


Quickly access the Desktop and minimize or hide the applications

You can take a look at the desktop by pressing the “Show Desktop” placed at the right end of the taskbar. All open windows are minimized and the desktop is displayed. To access the applications again, press the same button again.

To take a look at the desktop for a few seconds, without hiding applications, hover the mouse over the button “Show Desktop”. When you move the cursor on the button, the windows will become visible again.


Navigates through open windows and shortcuts on the taskbar by using keyboard shortcuts

If you want to use the keyboard to navigate through open windows and various shortcuts found on the taskbar, you can use the following key combinations:

Navigates through open windows – using WINDOWS + T to switch from one open window to another using active thumbnails. This combination works with applications minimized.

Accesses fixed applications to the taskbar – use Windows + number keys 1-9 to start any application set. 1 refers to the first application taskbar, set to 2 in the second, and so on. When an application is open, using the same key combination, it will be minimized. Repeat to open the application again.

Navigates through the windows of the same application – use CTRL + click on the set application to move from an open window to another, at the same application.

Navigates through open applications – use ALT + ESC to scroll through open applications.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of tips for using the taskbar effectively. If you know and another tips or tricks, just feel free to leave us a comment to help us expand this collection.

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