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Next Windows 10 will increase laptop’s battery through a smart system

As we have become accustomed to, short time after Creators Update, Microsoft has begun the finishing efforts of the future Windows 10 update. Apple systems have more autonomy than most PCs, and this is in the same time due to the quality of batteries and due to operating system optimizations. If they cannot do anything about laptop batteries, Microsoft has decided to smooth as much as they can the operating system. An important step in this direction is called power throttling and will be integrated in the next major update for Windows 10.

As you can see in the above capture of task manager, soon we will see a new column in Task Manager. It was introduced in Windows 10 Preview Build 16176 and will be smoothed until the net upgrade that will reach the vast mass of users...

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Microsoft has launched his first portable batteries with USB

In a market where there are a lot of portable batteries with USB for gadgets, it is hard to understand why Microsoft has launched a few of these gadegets.

Simpy and efficiently called Dual Chargers, these little gadgets are not necesarily revolutionary, but they are hiding in a compact package and they are available in 3 different forms.

According to the budget and everyone’s taste, you will soon be able to buy one of the 3 batteries very similar looking. The first will have on the inside a batterie of 5200 mAh, the second one 9000mAh, and the third 12000 mAh. For portability, the smallest of the three is the best.

portable batteries with USBAt 5200 mAh, you can fully charge without any break two iPhone’s...

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Microsoft has presented his new operating system- Windows 10

Microsoft has presented Windows 10, a new operating system. This is the first universal operating platform of the company, which will be present on computers, video consoles, wired systems, smartphones and tablets. This means that, for example, the apps developed for the desktop version will run automatically, with no optimization and adaptation, on the phone and tablet.

Through Windows 10, Microsoft gives up the brand Windows Phone which is used for smartphones. As expected, the mobile version of Windows 10 will not have the desktop interface. The new operating system will be installed on all systems that currently run with Windows 7 and 8. The minimum requirements necessary for Windows 10 will be the same as for Windows 7.

The desktop version of Windows 10 combines the familiar interface...

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