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How can you win $ 100,000 if you install Windows 10

Microsoft Co comes with a special program for those who put the new version of the operating system.

Microsoft has increased the funds which offers through its scheme of rewarding people who find bugs in their software. The company is willing to give you up to $ 100,000 in the next period if you find a problem and you anounce it.

Microsoft made the decision to put an army of voluntary people to seek problems in Windows 10. We are talking about bugs that have escaped to company experts, especially security issues that might jeopardize users. Microsoft is one of the companies targeted by hackers mainly worldwide.

For total new and serious problems related to Windows security it provides the highest amount. But the company is ready to give more on the problems in authenticating users

Those wh...

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Facial recognition in Windows 10 can distinguish even identical twins

Hello Windows allows instant access from any device with Windows 10 through biometric recognition.

If you ever thought that you could have an identical twin, but malicious, just like in science fiction category B movie, you can rest easy. He will not be able to access your confidential data if you use Windows 10.

One of the functions of Microsoft’s new operating system, called Hello, it’s almost impossible to fool. The service replaces the password that you can log on one device, or even the PIN now implemented by Microsoft.

Hello Windows “sees” much better than people and it is able to differentiate even identical twins, if it use a camera powerful enough. Those from The Australian tested the new feature on several pairs of identical twins...

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Have you already got Windows 10? The announcement made by Micosoft

The new version of the operating system has been very well received by users. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 has reached 270 milion active users! All users who have upgraded the operating system or have bought a computer or laptop with Windows 10 since the operating system became available in July last year were taken into account.

The ones from Microsoft are saying that the rate of absorption of Windows 10 is with 145% bigger than the one for Windows 7. “Windows 10 is the version with the fastest growth for both consumers and enterprises” said Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. And  the company’s vice president, Terry Myerson, said that Windows 10 was used for more than 75 bilion hours. 14 mlion people switched to Windows 10 from the first day of launch, 75 milion in the first month...

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