The next version of Windows 10 will protect better your privacy

The future Windows 10 will come up with a rich set of options to define with greater precision which data and functions of the system the installed applications have access to.


Within a few weeks, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be launched. The update will once again confirm the promise that Windows 10 is the latest major Windows version and that all functionality updates or interface changes will be introduced through later updates.¬†Although we do not have much to expect before the Fall Creators Update, it is only now that Microsoft has decided to detail one of the most important new releases to be introduced. Through a posting on the official US blog, it is explained how the Redmond giant will better protect your privacy. Basically, it’s about a set of features designed to help you to personalize the type of data that applications that you have installed on your system have access to and for the ones you’ll be installing in the future

After installing the update, every time you install a new program, you will receive a notification similar to the one in Android. There you will see all the data and system functions that the application wants to have access to. If a video editor wants to access your camera and microphone, you can refuse if you know that the program works as well without it. If an email client wants to access the calendar and the contacts from your system, again, it is up to you if you let it.These notifications will exist for the applications you install after the transition to Fall Creators Update. When it comes to applications you already have on your system, it is up to you to access Privacy Settings and, with a bit of patience, to modify the same parameters retroactively.

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