The Windows Phone platform remains without Push notifications

The Windows smartphone platform has been in a clinical death for a long time, waiting for his inevitable end. More and more components of the operating system are closed, or simply abandoned, and now it has come to Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 devices to lose some of the features. This time, the short straw was pulled by the notification system, which will completely disappear.

Push notifications are based on the experience of a modern smartphone, but they are usually sent by the platform owner’s servers. As there is no longer a large audience to¬† use Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has decided that started from today, February 20, 2018, to shut down their dedicated servers. Practically, phones will no longer receive notifications from apps, whether they are email clients, instant messaging services, or social networking apps.

The newer devices, equipped with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile, continue to sustaine all available services, but they have come to the end of their life in terms of software support. Application developers are no longer making new applications, while others shut down Windows versions because maintenance costs are not justified against the number of active users. Also, Microsoft announced that they will remove the Windows 10 Mobile platform from the Insiders program, as it does not plan to launch new updates to add new features.

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