What is new about Windows Phone 8.1 ?

Windows Phone 8.1 oferrs many new and wonderfull finctions that will make the daily use of your phone a pleasure.

Entertainment apps. Watch movies and TV shows when you are on the road with the Xbox Video app-browse, purchase and follow. The new app,Podcasts, simplify the submition and the search, and now you can receive new songs directly on the Xbox Music app.

A new way to type. After you get used to writing with shapes, you will not believe how fast, simple and accurate it can be. Just glide with your finger on the Word flow keybord and the words will come alive like a miracle.

Hotspots everywhere. The smart Wi-fi function helps you to save data by automatically connecting to unsecure Wi-fi networks. She can even accept the terms of use in your behalf and can offer different information to the networks that need it. Also, you can use the smart Wi-fi function to exchange with your contacts the acces to protected networks.

Notification and settings. A simple swipe from the top of the screen will open the Command center, where you will be able to see the notifications and quickly acces Wi-fi connections, Bluetooth and others. You can make back-up copies for other elements on cloud. The smart storage function helps you to manage the storage space: to see what occupies the space, you can configurate the SD card as a default location for installing apps and others.

Much more elements in the Wallet. Now you can keep track of even more elements in your Wallet: events, travel tickets and others. Plus, you receive for your tickets and offers, reminders that are based on time and location.

Accessibility. Wheter it is about mail messages, text messages, settings or other texts on the phone, you can rely on The narrator to read these elements out loud for you.

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