Windows 10 Cloud, the alternative to Chrome OS from Microsoft, could start in spring

Windows 10 was presented as an universal operating system, capable to operate on any type of hardware, from powerful PCs to  laptops, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles, and more recently on the Internet of Things devices. Of course, the fact that this operating system is open, anyone can develop applications for it, and malicious software is still a problem, users can install absolutely any type of application on its devices. Microsoft seems to prepare an alternative through Windows 10 Cloud, a limited version, not very different from Windows RT.

This new version of Windows 10 appears to rather be an alternative to Chrome OS operating systems or iOS on tablets iPad Pro, than an alternative to the classic Windows 10 operating system. WindowsBlogItalia grabbed a few screenshots of the new Windows 10 Cloud and it seems to be visually identical with Windows 10, the major difference between them being software it can run.

While Windows 10 is compatible with any application “X32” which can be downloaded to any device from any source user wishes, Windows 10 Cloud will only provide access to the universal applications in Windows Store, a strategy that Microsoft has applied also in the case of Windows RT that was found installed on tablets. The target of this operating system will be very cheap PCs and tablets, especially for business and education environments where users don`t need full access to all functions of Windows 10.

The launch of the new operating system Windows 10 Cloud  is expected with the onset updating “Creators Update” for Windows 10, which was scheduled for April this year.


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