Windows 10 passwords will not expire anymore

Windows 10 will no longer force companies and their employees to change their passwords at regular time intervals, informs. Microsoft has announced that the first major update for Windows 10 from this year will eliminate the obligatoriness of companies’ PC access password changing at exact time intervals. The elimination of the expiration mechanism of password is justified by the fact that this is an outdated security measure, based from the beginning on a wrong principle.

In fact, a password that is suspected to be compromised, should be changed immediately, not when it reaches the arbitrary deadline of 30 days since it’s creation. At the same time, the American company recommends the companies to implement modern security measures like biometric scan or two step authentications, that involves confirming identity by introducing an additional code received by SMS or generated by a specialized application in this way. Moreover, companies should also take other security measures like detecting attacks that involve automatic guessing of password by successive tries (Brute Force Attack) or creating password “black lists” that will prevent users to set easy to guess passwords. The change targets Windows 10 and Windows Server and will become active after the launch of the so-called Windows 10 May 2019 Update, that, as its name suggests, will be available starting with May.