Windows 10 – personal opinion

I have installed Windows 10 from the first day it was available, on July 29, 2015. The update was installed very quickly and smoothly.

I must say that the official update to Windows 10 was installed on Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet.

On the laptop I have not received the update, although I use a Windows 8.1.

Several people have asked me how I got the update, because they have not received it. Simple. It seems that Microsoft has chosen to provide this update gradually. Surface Pro tablets were among the first to receive this update to Windows 10. All other users will receive the update, but nobody knows how does Microsoft differentiate. Microsoft chose not to block the company’s servers by offering the update to everyone at the same time. A simultaneously globally download would have blocked the company’s servers.

  Regarding Windows 10.

I can say at first glance that is a stylized Windows 8.1. I got used to it quickly yxxyenx. I find it interesting.

It is much easier to use on a tablet or on a touchscreen laptop. It has an interesting system of notifications and shortcuts.

I like Windows 10. I’m very excited about what it offers.

Surface Pro 2 + Windows 10 formula is perfect and I recommend it to everyone.

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