Windows 10 receives Picture-in-Picture function

Microsoft announced a new feature for Windows 10, which will allows  watching video content in a window superimposed on the screen, completely  independent of the running applications .

Picture-in-Picture mode could be very useful to those who wish to communicate through video calls, or watch their favorite YouTube channel while using other applications in maximized mode. The new feature is already available in the latest version for Windows 10 Insider Preview for PC (build 15031).

It must be said that this is not just an innovation, Picture-in-Picture mode is already present in MacOS Sierra version for Apple’s PC. The functionality offered is similar,  users having the possibility  to choose the size and position of the window in which the video stream will be played, and if they wish keeping it on top of other Windows applications.

According to Microsoft, the new window called Compact Overlay window works just like any other window applications, serving to pre-view the contents played back in compatible applications. Not surprisingly, the first beneficiaries of Picture-in-Picture function are Skype Preview  and Movies & TV applications for Modern UI interface. Of course, the new feature will also be sustained by applications created by third parties to the extent that they will receive the necessary updates.

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